Thursday, February 28, 2013

Literary Grab-bag

This week we've brought you Huckleberry Finn, Stanley and Stella, and Sherlock Holmes. Today we continue Literary Characters' Names Week with a round-up of some dogs I've seen on Instagram and some other dogs I know have literary names.  

Since I'm currently teaching Romeo and Juliet, I thought I'd share Romeo first. What a beauty. Of course I am partial to Aussies but still, Romeo is a good-looking dog.

My other classes are studying Classical Mythology, so here is a shout-out to Zeus. Doesn't he look like the God of All Gods?  The God of Thunder and Lightning? hahaha   What a face. Very cute.

This is Ares, named after the Greek God of War for those of you who have been away from the mythological world for awhile. Ares (dog Ares not the god Ares) is a brother to Isis, and seems very warlike here as he is pestering a two-year old to pet him while he sits on her lap.

Next we have Echo.  I'm not sure if her family picked her name based on the Greek story,  but when I was in high school my brother found a kitten. I was studying Greek Mythology in English class with my favorite English teacher,  Miss Stellfox, and felt inspired to name the kitten Echo. Since my Echo was an allusion, I'm choosing to see this Echo that way as well. Plus it gives me the chance to share her beautiful face.

And here we have Daisy, on the right. Daisy's mom is an English teacher who was giving a nod  to F Scott Fitzgerald when she picked the name Daisy. Daisy Buchanan is the physically beautiful but morally ugly female protagonist in The Great Gatsby. 

In the picture above, Daisy is pictured with her "Uncle" Guinness. Guinness is named after the famed Irish beer. Hmm, dogs and beer. . . I'm sensing another theme week soon!

Get me your sleeping pets pictures for next week, and don't forget to share your rescue story if you haven't yet.

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