Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meet the Parents

Yesterday we discussed owning a full-bred. Leroy is not a rescue dog, but Cujoe, one of my parents' dogs, is a rescued Bichon-Frise.

First, though, we go back to another shelter dog my parents had, their sweet Maggie-Mae.  When my parents had to put her down, it took them awhile to grieve.

Maggie lying on her personalized blanket.

     When they started to express an interest in getting another dog, I did some reconnaissance for them at the Hillside SPCA in Pottsville, PA.  I found some good matches and encouraged them to check it out.  That's where they found Cujoe; he had just come in. His hair was a matted mess and full of ticks-so of course my mother fell in love with him instantly.  A good bath revealed he was probably a full-bred Bichon-Frise. 

He is very sweet, fantastic with kids, and there is no doubt in my mind he knows my mom rescued him. He loves both my mother and father dearly, but he is my mom's constant shadow and companion.  If he's not by her side, he's trailing my nieces, Olivia and Sadie, lying next to them while they nap and coming to get my mom when they awake. He is truly a family dog.

     Later, Cujoe was joined by Gracie, who needed a home when her owner passed away. Gracie is a mix between a Havanese and a Bichon.

These two dogs greet every guest with enthusiasm, tear through the house playing together, and curl up together to keep warm.  They are terribly spoiled and incredibly affectionate. 

Gracie, Olivia, and Cujoe

When they posed with Olivia two years ago, everyone was cooperative. With Sadie, not a single subject would look!

 Here they are helping Olivia open her presents three years ago, right after Gracie joined the family.

These sweet dogs represent everything that's right about saving a rescue. My parents' household is far better with them in it.  They are company, entertainment, and love.

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  1. These dogs are the light of Liv and Sadie's life! Best Friends Forever!