Thursday, May 30, 2013


This is Marco. Marco's mom, Lauren, refers to herself as the "crazy dog lady."  I think that's a title to wear with honor, and from what I can gather it's a title she's earned. 

Marco has many siblings. We will share some of them with you in other future posts, but let's just say that if Lauren and her husband get one more dog she will need two hands to keep track of how many she has.

Ok so first of all, Marco was found digging through trash by the animal wardens.

They took him to the Marshall County Animal Shelter, and after no one claimed him Lauren's husband was there as soon as he became available for adoption. His Gotcha date is August 29, 2012. 

Lauren and her husband found Marco via the MCAS Facebook page. Shout out to MCAS-they have turned their euthanization rate around from a horribly depressing 81% in 2008 to around 12% now thanks to a new county commissioner and increased donations and adoptions, due in part to a Facebook page that is updated daily.  Well, it's also due in part to people like Lauren and her husband too!

So what else do you need to know about Marco?  Well, he's a little/big devil. 

He was chosen so that their Golden Retriever, Caesar, would have a playmate his own size. 

Together they have found plenty of trouble to get into. They ate the Halloween pumpkins and multiple packages that were delivered. In fact the delivery person no longer leaves packages. 

Marco eats everything. Shoes, cell phones, and an entire plate of brownies (and no-he didn't get sick). 

He hasn't learned to cover his tracks too well either. 

But as Lauren says, how can she be mad at that face?

Marco loves the couch and makes himself comfortable whenever he feels like it. 

He has no concept of his size and no concern for the amount of hair he sheds. 

Lauren and her husband love him all the same, and Lauren calls him "a big, oversized baby."  Yes, but he's her big oversized baby.

Wiley and I want to thank Lauren and her husband for being so generous with their home and hearts! As they know, however, these acts of generosity have a huge return, and Marco has touched their heart in a way only rescued pets can.

Would you like to share with the blog? We are always accepting rescue stories. There are no special qualifications other than having a pet (we have shared cats and bunnies too) that you rescued via a shelter or rescue group, or one that you found as a stray or took in when its owner didn't want it anymore. 

If you're looking for other ways to contribute, Wiley and I are looking for pictures of your pet with something in its mouth.  We will share these on the blog during our Photo Share. So far we've received submissions including toothbrushes, balls, toys (including humans'), even their own feet!  Keep them coming!  Email me at or click here to see other ways to share.

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