Saturday, June 22, 2013

What did you miss? 6/16/13-6/21/13

We are now wrapping up our Alumni Week on the Rescue Dog Blog. Cue the ceremonial music. Cue the camera flashes.  This week a great success!  On Sunday we looked at how Wiley did with the end of the school year.  After that we began our series on Alumni, starting with Stanley and Stella. On Tuesday we featured Rachel's pack, on Wednesday we had Holly's northern bunch, and on Thursday we checked in with little Schultz. Finally on Friday I shared a number of different photos that our readers have sent in.  I also included the first video I've uploaded of Wiley, which was of him singing the Rescue Dog Blog Alma Mater.  

So this week it's back to business as usual. On Wednesday we will resume our Photo Share, so take a picture of your pet or pets with their mouth full and send it in. We also always accept your own personal rescue stories. There are no special qualifications. If you think you're interested and want to know more email me at

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