Thursday, June 20, 2013


Today we have a short little dog and a short little post. Remember Schultz?  He had such a touching story of being totally displaced until Hannah's dad met him.  

Schultz is still up to the same old wiener dog antics, including picking up more dirt and ticks  because he's so low to the ground. 

 Hannah was kind enough to take these great pictures of his bathtime to share with us. They are precious.  

Besides that, he is also still drifting off each night with his favorite and oldest toy, his zebra.  

So although things are still the same with Schultz, there is one new story Hannah shared that I just love.  Schultz is the Attacker of the BEES. He will not allow a single bee to buzz without alerting the entire family. When they hear Schultz frantically barking outside they will always find him chasing a bee in the clover. He will bite and snap at it, but what he really wants is for someone to step on it and crush it into oblivion. Then he will sniff around the smushed remains until he's satisfied it's no longer a threat. 

 Way to go Schultz! You've mastered the concept of picking on someone your own size! Hannah has had a little fun with the picture of Schultz yawning above. If you were a bee wouldn't you be terrified to see that?
Oh Schultz. You crack me up! Thank you Hannah for keeping us up-to-date on Schultz. And thank you Schultz for protecting your family!

Now, our week is winding down, and next week we'll be back to the usual format of new rescue stories and fun Photo Shares. Get some pictures in to us of your pets with their mouths full. Email me at

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