Monday, June 3, 2013


Ladies and Gentlemen, Pedigrees and Mutts. . . . today we have Coco, all the way from Hong Kong. And in an interesting twist of six degrees of separation, Coco is originally from Australia, which is where our other international doggies live, Akira and Meko

Coco's dad, Cyril, is a driver. One day two years ago Cyril's and Coco's lives changed for the better. Cyril picked up his boss as he would every day, but the boss had Coco with him. Cyril assumed since it was a beautiful sunny day that his boss was planning on taking Coco for a walk.

 Imagine his surprise, then, when his boss said he was taking him to the SPCA in Hong Kong!  He claimed Coco was too naughty and he was too tired to deal with him.

Cyril could not understand why such a beautiful and happy dog was being thrown away by its owner. What if no one adopted him?  So Cyril wasted no time in calling his wife, Manny, and without giving it nearly the time and consideration people often give when deciding to get a dog, they brought Coco to their home that day.

Manny and Cyril learned that Coco had "papers" and was a full-bred Bichon Frise. He was five when they adopted him, so obviously that makes him seven now. They don't feel he is naughty at all; in fact they say he's very obedient, he just likes to play a lot. 

At first he was very shy when he came to live with them. He hated being home alone and was scared of other dogs too. Now he's happy as can be, playing with other dogs and adjusting to time alone. As you can see, he at least knows how to make himself comfortable.

I have often made my feelings clear here on the blog that our animals are woven into our fate. Maybe Coco would have gotten adopted from the SPCA, but it seems like he was destined for Cyril and Manny. Now they all have each other, and another dog was spared time in the shelter. 

Many thanks to Manny for sharing this story with us, and to Manny and her husband for making such a compassionate split-second decision. You can follow Coco on Instagram @mannysmiley

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