Friday, June 14, 2013

Feel-Good Friday: Dogs, Ducklings, and Kiddies

It shouldn't take much to make a Friday in the summertime feel good, and to that end I have two very cute, quite short videos to share with you. Just click on the pictures to go to the videos. 

 In the first one, neither the Great Dane nor the Mastiff know what to make of these baby ducks, but I don't think either of them are thinking about hurting them in any way.

 While we're on the dog:duck relationship, here's what happens once a dog-friendly duck grows up and encounters a duck-friendly dog.  There's a lot of canoodling going on here.

There! See how easy it can be to smile for a minute or two on a Friday?  I'm ending Feel-Good Friday with this picture of my two nieces. I was at the beach with them this week, and told them I was determined to get a good picture in which they were both looking. I've written about these two girls before, and there was an especially moving post here about Sadie's near-death experience which thankfully had a happy ending.  

Olivia is always compliant for pictures, but Sadie has taken to hiding her face or looking away when you ask her to pose. When I sat them on this wall, I said "Could you two please act like you love each other and you're happy to be here?"  This is what Sadie spontaneously did, and it melted my heart. So, since it's my blog and it's Feel-Good Friday, I'm sharing something that makes me feel good. Have a great weekend!

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