Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Photo Share, Day Three: Oral FIxation

Readers, we are back to one of my favorite blog features.  Today we continue the Photo Share we began a few weeks ago called Oral Fixation. Our pets have a habit of putting everything and anything in their mouths, and we are trying to catch them in the act and share it here. We are starting out today with Riley. Riley is pictured above and below. Riley's mom, Laurie, says he takes being a Golden Retriever very seriously. haha.

Fun fact- Riley is Meredith and Nala's cousin. 

Next we have Stella. We've had Stella on the blog before, and here she is pictured with one of her favorite toys, her baby bear.

Here is McKenzie, shared by Mikaela. Isn't this picture fantastic?

And finally, I wanted to share these beautiful dogs I met via Instagram.


 If you are on Instagram you can follow them @usplus2dogs.  

Their account is updated all the time with great pictures that are of professional quality.  

Ranger is a Bernese Mountain Dog and Momo is a Papillon.

Don't they look like they are just having the best time? They are living a blessed life.

Please don't forget that all pets are eligible for the Photo Share. Even if your pet is not a rescue, or not even a dog, if you love it and want to share it we will.  Email me at

We will also need some new rescue dog stories soon. If you've been waiting for the right time to share, it's now!

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