Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hail Caesar!

I've been waiting to share this story for what seems like forever. Caesar is Marco's brother, and another one of Lauren's furkids. 

Lauren first laid eyes on Caesar on December 5, 2011. She and her family had gathered supplies to donate to their local animal shelter in honor of her late brother, who had passed away in September. What a beautiful tribute to him. 

While they were there, the shelter got a phone call that someone had found a box of puppies near a dump.  

Ok so this story is starting out really really sad. But did I mention a box of puppies?  Look, here's a box of 4 week old Golden Retriever puppies.

So Lauren called her then fiance now husband David, and as they discussed it they both agreed it was just the wrong time to adopt one of these puppies.

 They were in the process of moving to a new home, they were planning their wedding, and Lauren was trying to cope with the loss of her brother. 

Even as she held Caesar in her arms in a warm towel and fell in love with him, she hung up with David knowing Caesar would have to find a different furever home. 

But readers. . .  Lauren is a lucky woman.  Do you know what David did?  Well my eyes are filling up with tears as I type this if that's any kind of hint.  

David went to the shelter that very night without telling her.  When she came home from work, there he was!

You're a good man David, and I'm sorry to post this silly picture of you and Caesar but Lauren gave it to me and it's too precious not to post.

Caesar really loves his mommy, and through Caesar's love Lauren was better able to cope with her depression. 

She feels strongly that Caesar rescued her, and I bet that's a tune many of us can recognize. 

Caesar likes to play fetch, and to try to catch flies in his mouth on his pretty spotted tongue.  

Caesar has been blessed many times over to find a furever family like Lauren's.

And of course Lauren's family has been blessed many times over to find a doggy like Caesar.

In fact, since I'm an English teacher you'll have to indulge me if I conclude this post with a little Shakespeare:
"Here was a Caesar, when comes such another?" 

Many thanks to Lauren and Caesar. Readers please please remember that every breed is available through rescue if you're willing to be patient. Caesar's story comes with no caveats. There is no "yeah, he's a Golden, but he's a rescue so he _______."  Nothing. He's a rescue and he's wonderful and dogs like him are waiting for people like you to find them and rescue them!

Ok readers, we will need new rescue stories soon. If you've been thinking about submitting your pet the time has come. Email me at And don't forget to share pictures of your pets with stuff in their mouth for our Photo Share!  

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  1. Great story!! I've got 2 rescue dogs, did have 5!!! They really are the greatest!! Had my Chase for 14+yrs until he succumbed to Renal Failure... so grieving the loss!!