Monday, June 24, 2013


The story of a new dog helping to heal the hole left by a previous dog's crossing of the Rainbow Bridge is a familiar one around here. We all know that our beloved pets can never be replaced. When we lose them they take a piece of our heart with them. Such was the case with Rebecca's family when they lost their nearly 13 year old Shih tzu, Precious, pictured below on the left. 

Precious left a hole in the family's heart, but Rebecca's 11 year old daughter Rania and her 6 year old Chihuahua Neela (above, on the right) were just devastated. Rania would cry in school each day, and Neela gave up her playfulness and just sat on Rebecca's lap.

However, Rebecca's oldest daughter was working at the Berks County Humane Society when fate intervened, as it so frequently does. 

She sent Rebecca this picture of an all white Chihuahua who came in as a stray, and that was the beginning of Chloe's happy ending.

Chloe fit in with the family immediately. Neela had a new playmate, and one who could really keep up with her too. 

They play with toys and do tug of war, and Chloe still has enough energy left over to play with Rania as well.

 At night she cuddles up with Rania to sleep, and in the process heals Rania's pain from the loss of Precious.

As we have always stated here on the blog, we don't replace our beloved lost pets when we rescue new ones. We just give yet another worthy animal a place in our hearts and homes, like Chloe found with Rebecca and her family. 

By the way, the Berks County Humane Society is the same shelter where Isis was found. She was the first dog we ever featured on the Rescue Dog Blog. Click here if you've never had the chance to read her inspiring story.

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