Friday, June 7, 2013

Feel-Good Friday: Just Desserts

If you are a regular reader of the blog you know that Wiley had quite a crazy and eventful Memorial Day Weekend, beginning with this crisis, and continuing with this experience. 

 After the day was winding down, and we knew Sadie was going to be okay, my husband and I decided that both Wiley and my older niece, Olivia, needed some ice cream as a reward for their patience and a balm for their anxiety.

We headed to an older establishment in my hometown, Spangenberg's Family Drive-In. 

 I had a tough time tracking down when they opened but the general consensus from my parents is that they opened sometime in the 1960s, which makes sense given that they are a real, old-fashioned Drive-In. 

 All my childhood ice cream memories revolve around "Spangey's" as we always called it. 

They make a custom doggy bowl, and Wiley was absolutely loving life.

Olivia rather enjoyed herself as well. 

I neglected to take any pictures of the Hubs and me eating our ice cream, since I figured we'd come up short in cuteness compared to Livvy and Wiley.

As you might have noticed, despite Wiley's best efforts to clean up every delicious speck of ice cream, his efforts fell a little short and his nose showed traces of his treat.

Saturday was a trying day, but the ice cream seemed to lift everyone's spirits. 24 flavors of soft serve will have that effect! So, cute kid, cute dog, delicious looking ice cream. I feel I have fulfilled my end of Feel-Good Friday. Now go take a picture of your pet with something in its mouth and send it my way at

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