Monday, July 29, 2013

The Minis, Part I: Tica

How far would you go to keep your pets in your life?  Today's story is the beginning of a to-be-continued tale of Dog Destiny. Yes, that's right. I'm naming the phenomenon.  

I talk all the time about how I believe our dogs are worked into our destinies. This story is about the Doggie Destiny of Tica and Vida, but for this post we'll mostly share Tica's pictures. I promise I'll get to Vida so don't you worry.

Kim and her boyfriend, Miles, had been planning a trip to Costa Rica for February of this year, 2013. In the meantime, Kim's 11 year old GSD, Mutombo, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November.

The trip would now be a welcomed distraction, and so they embarked for Cloud Forest in Monteverde very ready for a getaway.

They stayed in a cabin on a farm belonging to Veronica and Alex, two hosts with very kind and gracious hearts and lots of dogs!

In fact, Alex and Veronica had "Dog People" Problems.  They had four dogs of their own, but a few months earlier, Alex had found two approximately 4-week-old puppies in the middle of the road.  

He brought them home, thinking they would nurse them along then find homes for them. Unfortunately, just  a short while later someone dropped off three puppies in a box, and now Veronica and Alex had their hands really full!

Of course, you won't be surprised when I tell you things got worse. The "Minis," which Veronica and Alex had begun calling the two smallest pups, were naughty! 

They were stealing and eating eggs on the farm, and since nearly everyone in Cloud Forest keeps chickens, the couple was beginning to genuinely worry about finding a home willing to take on "the Minis."

That's when Dog Destiny stepped in, and Kim and Miles arrived for their visit. The Minis were now about six months old.

Of course our story doesn't end here. What happened?  Kim and Miles moved to Monteverde to take care of the Minis of course. HAHA. BOL (BARK OUT LOUD). Just kidding.

But if you want to know what actually happened, you'll just have to stay tuned for Part II of our story on Tica and Vida, the Minis. You can also follow these adorable dogs and their mom (and some really cool jewelry she makes) on Instagram @kimpucca14.

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