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Midnight is a senior dog. She is gray around her muzzle and can only go on short walks these days. But she still follows Jess around everywhere she goes, and Jess still considers her a best friend. 

She met Midnight, or Middie, in October of 2005. She had been putting off getting a dog until it was the "right time."  Finally she and her sister went to the Leigh Cats and Dogs Home, in Manchester, UK. 

 If I may get personal for a moment, I always think of Davy Jones of The Monkees when someone mentions Manchester. I am a big Monkee Maniac and I can't help but think of how my 11 year old self believed Manchester was a miraculous place for producing someone like Davy. lol.

Davy Jones and me, 1993
Anyyyywayyy, let's get back to the star of the show, Middie. Jess entered the shelter ready and willing to adopt any sort of dog. She didn't have a laundry list of qualifications; she just wanted to save a dog who needed saving.  

Middie got 3rd place in a "waggiest tail" contest!
She look at what felt like every dog several times over, but then her sister called to her from across the room to come check out this feral-looking, tall, skinny, black and white dog barking her face off at the front of her kennel.

However, when the kennel worker retrieved Middie, her behavior and body language changed drastically. Her head hung low as the worker brought her down the aisle. She walked among the kennels with her tail tucked and her ears back. That behavior only made Jess fall in love immediately. 

Jess said she learned that Middie, a 4 year old lab/border collie mix, had been raised by "hands that hurt her and took away her confidence."  But now Middie was in all new hands, and was heading for the life she deserved.

Middie's confidence grew when she felt Jess's unconditional love. Middie learned she wouldn't be punished for chewing a toy or for vomiting when she was car sick. 

Over the past seven years Middie and Jess have developed that bond that all dog lovers know and have felt. Jess is already sad knowing her time with Middie will have to end. 

I've mentioned before how we all enter into the contract knowing our pets will likely only be part of our life for a fraction of it. Jess's approach is to enjoy every minute of it, even the bad breath and the silliness. 

We're all wishing Jess and Middie as many happy and healthy days that God can spare. Thank you so much Jess for sharing Middie's rescue story!

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