Saturday, July 6, 2013

What did you miss? 7/1/13-7/5/13

Well Wiley and I have to say we're a bit sorry that he hogged a lot of the spotlight this week. Looking at our reader numbers after Tuesday we noticed a decline we attributed to holiday vacations and picnics so I didn't want to feature a brand new doggy while most of our readers were out and about. We have lots of new fun stories coming up for the week though so don't you worry. 

Anyway, if you are checking in here because you missed this week on the blog, we had the story of Wiley's first parade on Monday, which also includes a lot of great photos of firetrucks if you like that sort of thing. We also covered Wiley's Independence Day picnic and his friend Leroy's American spirit. On Tuesday we met Kane, who is the adorable brother to Caesar.  Wednesday was another day of our Oral Fixation Photo Share, which is winding down. It's not too late to submit your pictures for that, though, so email them to me at

As always, we welcome your own rescue stories here too!

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