Monday, September 9, 2013

The Minis, Part II: Vida

Way back in the middle of the summer I shared the beginning of a lovely story about two rescue dogs, known as "the Minis." 

We started with Tica's pictures, and today we will show pictures of Vida. 

However, we can't have one post that tells Tica's story and one post with Vida's because their stories are so closely intertwined they cannot be separated. Heck, it's hard to even get separate pictures of the two because they are always together!

So, when we left off last time, Kim and Miles were staying at the farm of Veronica and Alex, during a vacation in Costa Rica. 

The farm had lots of rescue pets, and a stranger had dropped off the Minis one day to add to the load. 

Veronica and Alex knew they could not keep the Minis, so they were on the lookout for a new home for them. 

The Minis were about six months old when Kim and Miles got there, and they had started developing some bad habits, like stealing chicken eggs!

 That's not okay for farm dogs, and every home in the area has chickens. Placing them was going to be very difficult. 

The Minis took a liking to Kim and Miles immediately upon their arrival, and began showing up at their door each day for attention. They even followed them on a long hike around the property.

At the end of their time at Veronica and Alex's, Kim joked with Veronica that she was just going to put the Minis in her suitcase and take them along home. . . I bet you see where this is going.  

And NO, the Minis were not put in suitcases.  I'll tell you the rest of their story in Part III, when I can share some of their precious pictures together. In the meantime, just look at how happy and healthy Vida is. She is thriving!

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