Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Photo Share, Puppy Dog Eyes, 7

Well we've come to the end of our Puppy Dog Eyes Photo Share. Next week we will kick off our new one, and we'll find the next best way to involve all your pets. 

The first doggie up is Charlie. We've had his story on the blog before, and he is a beautiful King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.  His puppy dog eyes are totally irresistible. 

Next up we have Riley. Riley's mom Laurie says this look is his go-to move whenever he isn't getting his way, and it usually works. I think we can all see why.  Be honest. Can you ever stop saying "Awwwwww" after looking at this?

This is Petey. Petey has also been on the blog before, and since he can occasionally be a bit naughty it's probably a good thing he give some serious puppy dog eyes.

Julia shares this upcloseandpersonal picture of Cooper's look, which he has mastered for sure. 

Okay, this is a bit of a departure, but the next pair of eyes are coming from outside of the species. Lily (whose story we have shared) gave Sarah a serious look when it was time for her to leave for college.

Oh Lily. You might not be a puppy but you sure do know their methods.

Finally, we have Lizzie. We have been trying to get Lizzie's story here on the blog for awhile now. We've shared her before in plenty of Photo Shares but we are still waiting for the big feature! Anyway, poor Lizzie put her parents, Amy and Bill, through a scary situation when she had an allergic reaction to a bee. While Lizzie was getting well, Amy took this picture of her with a card from one of her well-wishers.

Now those are SOME PUPPY DOG EYES!!!! We are so happy to know Lizzie is doing well now. 

Okay, readers, next week we will venture into new subject matter for our Photo Share. Stay tuned to find out how you will be able to get 15 seconds of fame for your furbabies, and if you want the full 15 minutes of fame, email me at, and we'll feature their story.

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