Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday's Grab-bag: Update on Wiley's Health

Way back in February I shared some news about Wiley's health. You can read that post here, but to sum it up for you he had a large spindle cell tumor he had to have removed through surgery. It was a time of much stress and anxiety for me as I was not prepared to worry about something so sinister on my 3 year old dog.  Our veterinarian, Dr. MacDonald, was very informative during the whole process and seemed genuinely invested in Wiley's good health.

Last week Wiley went back to the vet's office for the first time since the surgery visits. He just needed his Lyme and Lepto booster and a general checkup.

Wiley has terrible anxiety at the vet's office, and he shook all over when we first got there. We didn't have to wait long until we went back into the examination room, and once we were in there I couldn't believe how much better he was than the past few times. At one point he actually laid down! I was so  surprised I had to take a picture to send to my husband.

Dr. MacDonald came in and examined him. All his blood work was good, and he was about as cooperative as a neurotic herding dog who has a five inch scar from his last trip to the vet can be under these circumstances. 

Dr. MacDonald knew Wiley when he was first brought into the Hillside SPCA and had to be neutered. He remembers the terribly frightened and pathetic dog I first saw when I walked into the shelter, which I explain here. When I took Wiley to him for his first wellness visit after I had adopted him, he warned me that a breed like Wiley, having been unsocialized and abused, may never make much progress. He said to be prepared for a lot of work and maybe not much change.  A few months later I was back, asking for some behavior advice, and that's when the doctor started Wiley on some Chinese herbs. That was about 1 1/2 years ago.

At last week's visit I explained to the doctor all the new things I've had Wiley try over the summer, like going to the outdoor eatery, walking with other dogs, and watching a parade. I told him how I make his food homemade and it seems to have cured his acid reflux. I shared that he no longer has to sleep all night with us, but will actually feel brave enough to come downstairs and sleep on his favorite chair sometimes.

Dr. MacDonald said to me, "What a life you've given this dog. You have really changed him so much."

Readers, I have tears in my eyes as I write this. Do you know why? I bet you do. Because HE has given ME a new life.  HE has changed ME. That's what rescue dogs do you know.  There's no better motivator to get yourself well than to be able to provide essential care to someone you love. Wiley and I have grown together, and even though we both have a long way, sometimes I think it's okay to rest on our laurels for just a day or two.

Thank you for you continued support on this blog, and for all you do for the animals who are waiting for us to change their lives forever, so they can do the same for us.

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