Tuesday, September 17, 2013


This is Max. I have harassed Max's mom Karen for quite some time to be able to tell his story here. I am really quite smitten with him.

His story begins in Ireland, where he was found roaming the streets. Max's coat was long and matted and he was put on the "put to sleep" list. Oh Max. . . how close you came to such a terrible fate. :( 

However, the Dogs Trust near Kenilworth in Warwickshire, England picked up Max and brought him to England. They gave him a haircut, helped him get healthy, and helped him overcome a skin condition he had developed from the warm weather.  This is what he looked like when Karen and Richard first met him.

His tail was injured because he kept banging it against the walls when someone would visit him.

Max was the first dog they walked when they got to the Dogs Trust, and Richard was immediately in love with him. Karen sensed a friendly soul but was a bit concerned about his size, especially because he pulled on the leash. 

This is the point where I remind readers that sometimes we only have our instinct/gut feelings to rely on when we are picking a shelter dog. Their behavior can change so much when they get in a loving and stable home, and Karen decided Max was a chance worth taking. 

She was not disappointed.

Max went to live with Karen and Richard in June 2012, and they have set about to make up for all his lost time on the streets of Ireland.  He gets rides in the car, sometimes even a convertible!

He gets to vacation at the beach!

He gets spoiled with cuddles and treats.

His favorite delicacies are chicken and sausage, and he will do whatever he has to to get some.

 Max is a part of their family now, and it's so hard to imagine that a beautiful soul like this was almost lost.

These are the kind of dogs who are waiting in shelters to find their furever homes, and that's why I was so persistent about wanting Karen to share his story.  Everyone needs to know that they could be missing out on a Max!

Many thanks to Karen for sharing Max's story. You can follow Max on Instagram @maxiboysdays.  Share your hidden rescue gem with the blog. Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com.

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