Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Photo Share, Puppy Dog Eyes, 6

So I think this might be our next-to-last photo share on Puppy Dog Eyes for a little while. If you still want to submit a picture we will do it again next week, then we will switch to something new. 

First of we have these beautiful eyes, shared with the blog via Instagram, and they belong to Louie. I'd love to hear his full rescue story.

Below is Neela and Chloe.  We had their story on a little while ago, celebrating the happiness a little white chihuahua was able to bring into the house.

Ok, check out these eyes! ARE YOU KIDDING?  We had Lilly's sibs on the blog, but we are still waiting for her story from her mom, who calls herself the "crazydoglady."  We'd all be crazy if we had to withstand that gaze.

And finally we have Indy. Indy is one of the first dogs I met via Instagram. Lately I've been pestering his mom to get his full story, as well as the story of Ollie, his brother. I feel like Indy has a lot of personality!

Ok, so you got your dose of Puppy Dog Eyes today and it's back to work for you!  Or, of course, feel free to click around the blog and get even happier. If you've been thinking about sharing your rescue story we will need some more soon so email me at

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