Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Photo Share, Puppy Dog Eyes, 5

Puppy Dog Eyes. . . it has proven itself to be a fantastic Photo Share subject, and the pictures just keep rolling in. Please feel free to share yours. All pets are welcomed and we will keep sharing until we run out of pictures.

First up is Davey. We've had Davey on the blog a number of times. His story is really special and epitomizes how all dogs deserve a chance and can flourish in the right circumstances. Plus his mom Holly takes awesome pictures.

We've also had Akira's story on the blog. She is such a big beauty, and so skilled that she can actually project her Puppy Dog Eyes across the room.

This is Reece.  Her eyes are simply beautiful, and she uses them to her advantage obviously.

Reece's mom has shared a few pictures of her fur baby with the Rescue Dog Blog's Instagram account. I'm trying to talk her into getting them featured.

The guy below also lives with Reece. His mom calls him Hooligan Joe.

Wow. There are a lot of Puppy Dog Eyes going on in that household aren't there?

Zen, pictured below, is another dog who comes from a household with some beautiful  rescue dogs whose stories would be great to feature on the blog. In this picture poor Zen has just finished his bath.

And finally for today, this is Bean. Oh my. What do you do when you have those eyes looking at you all the time? I'd love to hear more about Bean and his rescue story.

So, can your pet compete with these Puppy Dog Eyes? Of course it can. Email me at

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