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Charlie was a neurotic death row dog when Amanda and her husband saved his life. If you haven't read his story yet you should probably do that before you read Ginger's. Just click on his name above.

Anyway, once Charlie found his furever home his humans started getting to know him, and they were gradually pulling him out of his shell. That lasted approximately one week.  Triumphant Tails called Amanda about another Code Red dog they had just pulled from a shelter.

 The organization really wanted to give her more time because they saw how well-behaved and sweet she was and were confident she would get adopted. 

This put Amanda and her household in the position of going from no dogs to two dogs in about a week. 

However, Triumphant Tails was only asking her to foster Ginger until they could get her spayed, recovered, and adopted. 

Amanda and her husband couldn't bear the idea of another dog like Charlie in such dire need so they agreed.
When they brought Ginger home, Charlie finally showed the animal he was deep inside. BOL. He was in love. 

Amanda says he barked and danced around and flirted constantly trying to get Ginger's attention.  He became a completely different dog in Ginger's presence, and his love was contagious. By the time Ginger had fully recovered from her spay Amanda and her husband knew they wanted to keep her.

Since Ginger stuck around they have discovered a number of things about her, particularly that she likes people food, and has a "00001 second rule." 


If the food is on the floor for .00001 of a second, she is eating it.



She also loves riding in cars; she doesn't care where she's heading.

She is a very people-oriented dog. She wants to be with people all the time. She tolerates and even likes other dogs, but will choose human company every time.

Ginger is quite smart and learns commands very easily.

 She also, perhaps not coincidentally, does well with agility.

 Even her manners are lovely, always allowing her humans to go through the door before her.

The outdoors is very inviting to Ginger. 

She has a purpose out there, and that purpose is to search for and destroy her enemies. . . grackles, squirrels, opossums, and dragonflies. 

The best news about Ginger is that she is a great foster mom. So far she has welcomed two labs and two shih tzus into her comfy home with Charlie. How wonderful that Amanda and her husband get to keep saving dogs while still enjoying their own special pair!

Ginger,  you have it good and you know it.

You're a beautiful, silly girl who is bringing so much light into this world, just like the rest of your family.

Whenever I have such a great duo, I can't help but cheat a bit and save all their together pictures for a whole other post. So stay tuned to see even more adorableness!

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  1. I love the way you told her story! It is great to see it through others eyes and heartwarming to have someone else admire our dogs. Thank you so much for including us in your wonderful blog.