Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fall Photo Share Pictures

So the blog readers (that's you) have been pretty steadfast in submitting fall pictures, plus I spotted a few I just couldn't resist sharing. After each of the pictures' descriptions, if their humans have an Instagram account I list it. That's what you see with the "@" symbol.  If you're not on Instagram just ignore those.

First up is Qusto, a beautiful Irish Setter. He lives in Japan and his nickname is Pon. @qustopon

This is Fritzie, a happy little Bichon saved from a puppy mill. 

She lives with Spock, who just got rescued not too long ago. I  love little Spock and his big leaf! @klouklotz

He seems to love the fall!

And speaking of size disparity, look at the size of the stick Rosco is attempting to carry! hahaha

This is Lex- if you're thinking, "Wait a minute-that looks like Wiley!" Lex's mom and I agree. We are going to share his story sometime soon on the blog.

Lex's brother is Xander, a handsome mini-Aussie. He's ready for any kind of fall weather. @xander_the_mini_aussie

Speaking of Aussies, we've shared some pictures of this pretty pup here before, and her name is actually Aussie. @roxybart

And how about Sarah playing with her adorable turkey toy? @karendj87

Thelma Lou is such a great helper! @thelma_lou_the_blue_heeler

What about our feline friends?  

Suzy shared some pictures of Caesar and Mr. Fluffypants helping her decorate pumpkins for the fall. 

Someday I hope Suzy shares Mr. Fluffypants's story here on the blog because I know it's a good one. . . it starts with his birth during Hurricane Sandy.

If you're still in the fall spirit it's not too late to send me your pictures but I need them by Friday morning EST. However, I KNOW those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving might have some good pictures to share of your pet at the festivities. Email them to me at pabibliophile@gmail.com.

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