Sunday, November 17, 2013

Luna the Tooooonnnnaaa

Luna, known on Instagram @lunathetoona, is a hoot. Her face is ridiculously expressive, which makes her photogenic to the extreme.

 Every picture seems to pack a little personality in it, and her mom does a great job keeping the pictures coming. 

  Luna lives in Chicago now, but she started out in Oklahoma. When Kimber first adopted her, all she knew was that Luna was about four months old and had come to Chicago via a rescue group in Oklahoma.

 Kimber assumed Luna was the by-product of an amorous farmer's dog on the loose or something similar, but after a few months she decided to do a little digging around. 

 She went on the Facebook page of the shelter in Oklahoma and the rescue group who transported Luna.

  Oh, the wonders of the world wide web!  Kimber was able to get in touch with Luna's actual rescuer and find out the real back story.

Luna's rescuer and her husband were driving late at night on a very rural road in Oklahoma when they saw something cross the road.

 They stopped to check it out, but immediate gratification was denied. 

They had to search for, follow, and chase Luna until they found her and her sister sitting next to a dead deer carcass near a creek. Gross! 

 They were very smelly and very scared of humans.

Given the distance they were found from anywhere residential, their rescuer believes they were dropped off there. 

No wonder they were scared of humans. :/

Now both Luna and her sister have been adopted into awesome homes.

 They got to catch up a bit when they took the same obedience class.  

And Luna's rescuer now follows her on Instagram and checks up on her all the time.

 I figured if Luna's fame extends from Oklahoma to Chicago, we might as well propel her to stardom here on the blog. BOL. 

FREE Butt Sniffs!?! That's a bargain at any price. You just keep doing what you're doing Luna you sassy girl. Enjoy your furever home and tell your mom to keep the great pictures coming. We love featuring puppies and doing updates as they grow. 

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