Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Abby (and Lilly)

Some of you will definitely remember Lilly.

 She was a precious little puppy when we first met her, then we saw a play-date she had with Leroy, and the pictures continue to come as she has grown a bit over the past few months.  

 She was a year old in September. 

When Mark and Janelle adopted Lilly, they did more than one good deed that day. 

Not only did they spare Lilly from the pound, but as Mark's parents, Charles and Peggy, watched all the joy and success Mark and Janelle had with their rescue dog, they were inspired to get one for themselves.

That's when Abby came into their lives last April. She was at the Hillside SCPA for just two weeks when they brought her home. How does such a pretty pup with a pug pedigree wind up in a shelter? Well lots of people would assume she must be naughty or aggressive or something but nope-the owner was just moving somewhere new with a no-pets policy.  Sigh. . . well their loss was clearly Charles and Peggy's gain. 

Abby loves her new home, especially sitting by the window watching for all living things outside. She takes long afternoon naps,  chases her tennis ball, and has a special signature howl.  Sounds like a dream life!  

She and Lilly enjoy playing together.  Mark says they seem to be having an informal contest over who can drink and spill their water the fastest. 

Not only do they wrestle, but they also like to take turns running down the steps, then back up again, immediately, as quickly as possible. BOL.  hmmmm. Mark is a professional personal trainer. Is that where they got the idea to do the stairs workouts? Don't be bringing your work home Mark!

Isn't it great to see the life Abby and Lilly have?  They've found their way into loving homes and a lifetime of happiness. 

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