Friday, November 29, 2013

Feel-Good Black Friday

Black Friday has never been about shopping for me. I like to spend the day after Thanksgiving as a recovery day not a shopping day. We spent Thanksgiving Day at my parents, where there were lots of little turkeys everywhere. 

Gracie, left, and Cujoe, right, were not exactly cooperative while posing for these pictures, but they were still much easier to photograph than these two turkeys, Olivia and Sadie.

Believe it or not that's the best picture I could get of them. 
 And the problem was not Olivia, as you can see.

With Cujoe and Gracie, the problem was not Cujoe. 

He was quite cooperative.

And so cute. 

Being at my parents meant we had to leave Wiley behind for a few hours. It would have been too stressful for him with the other dogs and little children. When we got home he was pretty excited, and then the bad, attention-getting, spiteful behavior began. Here he is with the cat's food dish, which he stole expressly for the purpose of sitting right in front of me with it, yet refusing to give it up.  

Anywayyyyy. . . on to the most important part of today. . .  Happy Birthday to Hubs, Wiley's dad. We had lots of overnight guests, so we had a nice birthday brunch for him before he headed off to Madison Square Garden to see the Arizona Wildcats, his favorite team, for the first time in person! 

That was his birthday gift, since his birthday was a big one this year. We won't say exactly what number he's celebrating since that might give my age away too. 

Wiley had no idea what to make of a flaming cake, but you can see him butting his face in with interest. Don't worry, I was very careful to keep him safe!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life! Thanks for all the encouragement and inspiration you provide.  And thanks for loving our pets so much. :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Next week the blog will be back to business as usual so keep your pictures and stories coming. Email me at

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