Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lucky Dog: Hunter

Hunter's mom, Bree, comes from a long line of rescuers, but her connection to rescue dogs goes even deeper than that. Bree is a producer for the new CBS series Lucky Dog!  I want to talk to you about that show, and Bree's lineage of rescues too, but I'm saving that for Part II of this pawsome story. Today is Hunter's day, and he deserves to have the spotlight to himself!

Hunter's story begins with him roaming the streets of LA. Bree's sister, Mady, found him while volunteering at an inner-city school, and called Bree in a panic. He was dirty, covered in fleas, and had no collar. She wandered around that neighborhood for about half an hour looking for anyone who could claim him or recognize him. Mady's search turned up nothing, so she wound up trying to get 65 lbs of scared dog into her car all by herself.

 It wasn't easy, but once she got him in there she decided to forgo taking him to a shelter and took him home instead.  She texted some pictures to Bree, and Bree fell in love immediately. It was a two hour drive across LA in traffic to get to him, but she knew she wanted Hunter.

Bree's next move shows the kind of person she is. She did something not all of us would have the ethics to do; she took him to a shelter. Now I know you're wondering how that's the ethical thing to do, but remember, Hunter could have been and probably was someone else's dog first. In LA once a lost dog is brought into a shelter the legal amount of time shelters are required to wait is one week for the original owners to claim him.  

The wait for Bree seemed interminable. She chose a shelter she had a very good relationship and history with, and she visited him every single day during that long week, taking him treats and making sure he got time to play in the shelter yard.  

She also put her claim to first rights on him, which is what it sounds like . . . barring any original owners' claims, Hunter would be hers at the end of that long week. 

October 17th was the day Bree could finally officially adopt Hunter. She awoke at 5am and drove two hours in traffic to be at the shelter when it opened! Not to be too cliche, but Hunter hit the Lucky Dog jackpot the day Bree signed those papers. 

He goes everywhere with her, including to work, the ranch where Lucky Dog is filmed.  

He loves walks, car rides, people, kids, toys, and other dogs. He cuddles like a little lap dog and has brought love and joy to Bree's home. 

Bree says Hunter has changed her life, and we as readers know all too well how that works. However, can you imagine how Bree has changed Hunter's life?  From a scared street dog he became a pampered  companion with a life full of adventures and love.

Many thanks to Bree for sharing the story and for all the ways she contributes to the world of animal rescue. I will continue this story in a second post, in which we'll talk about the show, what Hunter has to do with it, how Bree's family fits into all this, and why you need to start watching it ASAP.

UPDATE: Read the second post here.

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