Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Photo Share, 2

Today we will continue sharing your pet pictures for Christmas. All the pets on this post belong to friends of mine who are in the teaching business, either in high school or college.  We'll start with Violet and Simon, in one of those perfect-looking pictures that would turn into a disaster if I ever tried to replicate it with hyper Wiley.

  Next is Kami. We've had Kami's story on the blog before-right here. If I know Kami's mom Michelle, I bet Kami will get a lot of Christmas gifts this year! She has it pretty good.

And speaking of dogs who have it good, this is Chester. Chester is a rescue dog who lives with Kaye, Dale, Kelsey, and Wes. I would like to share more pictures of Chester in the future, but in the meantime, in this picture he is getting ready to open a present from Wiley!  And by a present from Wiley I mean a present I wrapped and tucked in with a gift for Chester's mom, which Wiley then stole and ran through the house with, until I tricked him with a carrot and he gave it back.

Does this guy look familiar?  He was one of our foster kitties, formerly known as Richard Parker, now happily living with Jenn's family and renamed Finley, to go with his big cat sister Miley and his canine sister Harley.

Here we have Lizzie, when she was just 9 months old and had to be in a cast.

This is her next Christmas, looking out the window for whom? Maybe her dad Bill, or maybe Santa Claus!

And this is Lizzie's picture from last Christmas, when she finally got to meet Santa!

I just have to share this ornament from Lizzie's Christmas tree. I have blurred out her family's last name since I didn't tell them I was going to share the picture and I want to honor their privacy, but how. cute. is. this!?! I just adore it.

In yesterday's post I mentioned how difficult it is to get a picture of Jenny wearing anything, because she is just not having it. I did get her to wear this cute Christmas collar, but her hair is kind of long so it was tough to see from head on.

Another issue with taking pictures of Jenny is that the minute I approach her with a camera she just wants to purr and rub up against my hand. So the pictures get blurry! I decided to switch tactics and put a ribbon on her collar, which she immediately attacked. So I dangled another ribbon in front of her to distract her.

It didn't take very long until that got a good swipe as well, and I finally gave up, at least for the night.

I went back to my "sure thing," Wiley, and snapped this adorable picture of him in a special Santa hat. All it took was a promise of a carrot and he posed like a champ.

Are your pets being difficult about getting Christmas pictures? So what?  Take a sideways picture. They don't have to be as cooperative as Wiley, or as Violet and Simon are in the first picture. 'Tis the Season for sharing, so take that picture and send it to me at so I can share it here.

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