Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More Christmas Gift Ideas

This is a repost from last Christmas, December 27 to be precise. Wiley was blessed with a multitude of gifts and he was very grateful. So were we. If you want some gift ideas for any pets you know, you might get some good ones here! Enjoy Wiley's Christmas joy and send me some pictures of your pets too! 



I think it's safe to say Wiley does not want Christmas to be over.

During this holiday it became apparent that Wiley's got friends in low places. This dog got more presents than I did! First he got the edible card, which was gone in the blink of an eye.  Then he got a fun gift from Chester.  

This is Chester.

Chester's mom told me she bought this at a fundraiser stand for the Hillside SPCA, which is the shelter where Wiley came from.

 A tube from a toilet paper roll was filled with treats, then wrapped with tissue paper. 


It was easy for Wiley to open by himself and he loved the goodies. This gift was a big hit!

Wiley is gobbling up the Dinner Rounds.

In fact, when he was finished with it, he even picked up all the paper and carried it out to the kitchen so he could get another treat!


     He also got a gift from Harley. 

Meet Harley.

It was a homemade biscuit, peanut butter flavored!!  I would share pictures of him eating it, but he gobbled it up so fast there wasn't time to take pictures.

  Leroy got Wiley a gift too.

I guess he's trying to give Wiley a hint about his personal hygiene, because he got him some special bath soap.  Wiley's skin is pretty sensitive so this all natural soap should work out great.

Lastly, we have his presents from Nana and Pap. He got a whole bag of baby carrots, and this awesome toy:

He had a blast trying to figure out how to get the balls out of the dog's mouth. 

  Once he managed to free them all, he didn't even know where to begin!

Wiley got so much fun stuff that his dad and I decided to wait to give him our gifts, so he doesn't get a bellyache. 

He'll also have enough tennis balls to last until next year!  <-------- New Year's joke

In all seriousness, to be able to write a post about how many presents a dog received for Christmas certainly underscores how blessed we are. Thank you to all our friends and family for such thoughtful gifts!

Did your pet receive any special gifts?  Let us know! Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com.


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