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I never get tired of looking at dogs, and I'm not ashamed to say that fluffy animals of all kinds are my weakness. Is that too cliche?  I don't care. The heart wants what it wants. Thanks to the internet I have encountered all kinds of beautiful pets, but my softest spot is for those dogs who look like my Wiley.

I've shared Masen, who is also a rescue dog,

and I wrote about Bear, a red-tri Aussie who literally looks so much like Wiley that Hubs thought it was him when I showed him a picture.

Today I have Lex.  Lex has been in more states than many people I know, but his journey began in rural Georgia.
 His mother, a very pregnant and rather ill Australian Shepherd, was dropped off at a vet's office anonymously. 

This is not an uncommon occurrence unfortunately as it is an area with a dearth of shelters and adopters.

The vet took care of the Aussie mama and her litter of 6 until a new place could be found for them. Working with a spay/neuter group from Connecticut, over 40 dogs were relocated to Fairfield, CT.  In the meantime, Nohemi and her boyfriend had already fallen in love with Lex on 

They were anxious to meet him and see how he would get along with her mini-Aussie, Xander. 

 They were told to come meet him at a Petco at a Friday night adoption event, and Nohemi knew as soon as she held this smelly, dirty, and yes, mange-y dog in her arms that he needed to become part of the family. 

 He had to be treated for the mange and worms and hip problems, but today, 1 1/2 years later, he has a clean bill of health.

 Lex is loving life with his furever family.

 He adores Xander and tries to copy every little thing Xander does, which explains how he got stuck once trying to get under the bed with Xander. 

He also loves food, especially salmon, and water, particularly dunking his head in any water he can find. 

BOL (Bark Out Loud)!

Lex got off to a slow start with school, flunking his first puppy class because he wouldn't pay attention and was too interested in socializing with the other dogs. 
 However, the second time around he not only passed but also got the award for "Most Improved Puppy." 

 Now he takes agility classes every Saturday and is really good at weaving between those poles.  That's no small feat for an 80 pound dog!  Speaking of his size, the vet who took care of him at birth estimated he'd get to be around 40 pounds. 

Of course, this was without having any idea what breed(s) his daddy was. Anyone have any guesses? We know Mom was an Aussie, but what do you think Lex is mixed with?  Nohemi says they hear Springer Spaniel or GSP quite a bit. That could explain his obsession with squirrels. Or is he part lion?

Lex is a big love-bug who has brought happiness and fun into Nohemi's household. Whatever his background, she and her boyfriend are happy he makes up a part of their family. Thanks Nohemi for sharing Lex with us.

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