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Lucky Dog

Instagram has really helped put the Rescue Dog Blog out there into the ether of the world wide web, and Wiley and I are grateful for each contact and connection we've made though the social media site. In fact you can see from the pictures above that Wiley insists on sitting next to me while I browse, regardless of whether he has to perch on the arm of the recliner.

Instagram is how Bree and I came into contact, and I introduced you to her beautiful dog Hunter here. I think our joint interests are a match made in Heaven. You see, Bree is a producer for the CBS show Lucky Dog

from http://animalexpertbrandonmcmillan.com

The premise of Lucky Dog is Brandon McMillan, an animal trainer and behaviorist, selects shelter dogs for physical and if needed behavioral makeovers.
photo from @breestatley

 He takes the dogs to his ranch, the Lucky Dog Ranch, for studying and training, to make sure they will be a good match for their new family.  The families are chosen based on the emails he receives. He has to carefully consider each family's needs and wants, and make sure he matches them with a dog that will fit successfully into their environment.

The dogs chosen for the show tend to be under five years of age, which the families typically request, and free from an abusive past, to spare the show's younger demographic any trauma from watching it.  
photo from http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2013/10/02/dogs-get-lucky-on-new-cbs-show/

And in case you're disappointed in Brandon for not choosing abused dogs, don't be. In real life he takes a significant interest in rescuing abused dogs and bringing them to the Lucky Dog Ranch; Lucky Dog just isn't the forum for that.

Bree shared the show with me with great pride, and after watching one episode I could see why. Lucky Dog represents everything that's right about the world of dog rescue. She starts filming right in the shelter kennels and takes it from there.
from @breestatley
Brandon is a confident and optimistic dog trainer who approaches the process with positive reinforcement and kindness. He proves that rescue dogs are trainable, lovable, and beautiful. They aren't broken cast-offs, they are premium animals waiting to become part of a loving furever home. 
from http://animalexpertbrandonmcmillan.com/

In fact, I think anyone who insists on a fancy pedigree for their pet might be a bit chagrined while watching Lucky Dog and seeing what Brandon can do in just seven days. Yes, he's a professional, but if you watch the show you'll see he doesn't do anything extraordinary with these dogs. He focuses on seven key commands, putting the dogs in a position to succeed. 

photo from @breestatley

Bree's family has a number of rescue stories to share. Her parents' and brother's dog Phelps, pictured below, is in the title sequence of Lucky Dog, and their dog Vinnie (Vin Vin), pictured above, was featured in an episode of the show!  They also have several other dogs and two rescue cats living with them.  Bree's sister Mady has a labmix rescue, Stella, as well. Their stories will be featured in upcoming posts!

photo from @breestatley
I strongly encourage you to check out the show Lucky Dog. Click here for a list of syndicated times and channels, and then set a reminder for yourself.  Like the Rescue Dog Blog, it is upbeat and focuses on the positives.  If you'd like to see a bit of the show, click here to go to a Daily Mail feature with a video clip.

While you're watching Lucky Dog, look for Hunter. He gets to hang around all day while they're filming, and he often shows up in the background. 

photo from @breestatley, courtesy of Marc Jacobs
 I also highly recommend you check out Brandon McMillan's site, here. Not only are there clips and information about Lucky Dog, but his site also links to his other television appearances, his other projects, like training service dogs, and many celebrity endorsements too.  

photo from http://animalexpertbrandonmcmillan.com/

You know, Hunter is very lucky, but Bree is pretty lucky too.  She gets to take her dog to work, spend the day with a  successful animal trainer,  meet lot of great dogs, and see them happily placed with furever families. Lucky Bree!  

Thanks to Bree for sharing everything with us!  You can follow her on Instagram @breestatley, and you can "like" Lucky Dog's Facebook page by clicking here. While you're there be sure to like the Rescue Dog Blog's Facebook page too. 

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  1. That is so cool! Thanks for sharing! I just set my reminder for our local showing. Can't wait to support this important show.