Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Photo Share, 3

Just as in life I am blessed with more friends than I deserve, so too is the blog blessed with an abundance of support. These are some of the fantastic pictures shared with us to share with you, and there are even some more to come!  I have the Instagram pictures first so you can see their handle if you'd like to follow them. After that I have some pictures shared with me from other readers and friends. Merry Christmas!

@segertheaussie. . . Seger and Nina

@pawprintsbyfox. . . Gina is a photographer and just had to share this adorable bulldog with Santa.  

She also wanted to share Patches, who lives with @sam_lark.

@lovely_syl. . .  Freckles, Candy, and Coco

@kml_lmk. . . Eli


@rkat121. . . Daisy

@crazyone2. . . Jetta

@kelleymorgan. . . Miesha and Raven

@xander_the_mini_aussie . . . Xander and Lex


@meg_easter. . . Masen

 @loc_crazydoglady. . . Lilly and Caesar




Lily and Curly




By the way that last picture of Ilsa was intended to just be a picture of the tree but someone decided to photobomb it.

If you get any good pictures of your pets enjoying the holiday over the next few days please share them at pabibliophile@gmail.com. Happy Holidays!

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