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A few weeks ago I shared the story of Fenway and Natasha with you. Fenway has had a rocky life so far, but Natasha has been fully committed to meeting his every need and making his life pleasant and enjoyable. I shared his various health issues in the previous post, and I also shared that his health has been holding steady for quite some time now. Not only that, but he is starting to really enjoy life again, thanks to his new little brother, Munson. 

After Fenway and Natasha had settled into her new home over the summer, Natasha's dad showed her an adoption add from the Lehigh County Humane Society that he had seen in the Morning Call, a newspaper based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

 He had cut the add out because he thought the dog looked a lot like Fenway, and he just thought Natasha would like to see it. 

He wasn't suggesting she adopt the dog, particularly since he thinks she's a bit over-the-top with her round-the-clock care for Fenway. 

Of course, regular readers of the blog will most certainly take Natasha's position with their pets. 

Anyway, Natasha looked at this picture and put it aside, but the dog worked his way into her mind, and the next day she wound up doing a little reading about him. 

His shelter name was Gus, but he never really answered to it. Gus was found in Allentown with his leg so badly broken that it had to be amputated. When Natasha read that, she was a goner. 

She called the LCHS right away and went to meet Gus the next day, which was a Monday. On Tuesday she introduced him and Fenway, because it was Fenway's house first and he had the final say.

 Well obviously things went just fine, and Gus, renamed Munson, has fit into the household wonderfully!

Munson is still pretty young, and he follows Natasha everywhere, from room to room. 

When he finally lays down and cuddles with Fenway, Fenway loves to lick him obsessively. Munson has many toys and loves to play with them, and Fenway also loves to pick up the toys and offer them to Munson!  

It's all so cute.  It's like Fenway is saying "Do you see this buddy? Do you see how good it is here?"

One final note: Natasha and I got in touch with each other when we were connected through a mutual friend, Rachel. Rachel knits beautifully, and Natasha had commissioned her to make a warmer for Munson's amputated stump.  

Rachel did a lovely job, and what a thoughtful thing for Natasha to do for her furbaby.  Natasha you are an inspiration to us all for loving and providing for these special needs pets who would often or most certainly get passed over for adoption if there weren't people out there like you. Thanks for sharing your stories. We wish you and your furmily all the best together!

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