Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday's Snowy Grab-bag

As many of you know, the Northeast was the latest to fall victim to the snow storm making its rounds, and we spent most of yesterday cuddled up inside watching our DVR (The Sing-Off, my absolute favorite thing on television right now) and keeping warm. 

Once we woke up this morning, however, cleanup had to begin. 

Hubs took care of most of it, while I played with Wiley in the snow. 

I don't believe there is an Australian Shepherd in existence who doesn't love the snow, and Wiley is no exception. 

He literally frolics in the snow. He runs just for the sake of running, and makes figure eights along the shoveled walk to maximize the amount of snow he gets to walk through. 

I've mentioned my total hatred of winter here before, but there's something to be said for the vicarious joy of his experience.

As you can see, he was a really good sport about keeping his elf hat on, most likely thanks to the elastic under it.  

The reindeer antlers only lasted a short while.

But come on, wasn't he just the cutest? 

Anyway, one of Wiley's "tricks" that he seemed to learn without me teaching him is to move the ball for me if I tell him I can't reach it. 

Click on the picture below to go to a really precious video of Wiley trying to help me out, and watch how clever and resourceful he really is. It's not even a minute long, but it will give you a good glimpse into Wiley at his wiliest.

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