Thursday, November 21, 2013


When I decided to share the dogs in Paige's house, she asked me to start with Newt, her special dobie who went OTRB last year. That story was reverent and sincere, and you can read about Newt here if you'd like. However, today we have Sampson, and his story is as upbeat as they come.

There's something special about looking into the life of a dog right around age 2, when his brain has almost caught up to the size of his legs but the silly puppiness is still around. 

When Paige decided to start looking for a playmate for Newt, she took her time browsing rescue Dobermans online, trying to find just the right situation. 

She found Sampson, who was then 7 months old. 

He had demodex mange, so his owners were no longer willing to care for him. 

Now, it would be really easy for someone with a big heart to just swoop right in to save this poor guy, without first making sure she was up to the task. 

But Paige is a smartie, so she researched demodex mange and talked to her vet to make sure they would be able to adequately take care of Sampson. 

Well obviously you know the results of that research because Sampson is alive and healthy and thriving, with the help of a few daily meds that he just interprets as more treats for him!

Paige says Sampson is a big goof, playing at the most inappropriate times, tripping over his own legs, and inspecting everything out of curiosity. 

He makes silly faces and keeps Paige and her husband laughing all the time.

He has a sister, Bella, whom we will be sharing here in a later post. 

Paige has a big heart for big dogs, and she is determined to make sure no one makes the mistake of thinking Dobermans live up to their mean reputation as long as she can help it.

Thank you Paige for sharing Sampson with us. Keep those rescue stories coming readers. Email me at

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