Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall Photo Share

I certainly don't want to admit it, but fall is coming to a close. Let's lift everyone's spirits by sharing some good fall pictures!  Whatever pictures of your pets you have that feel fall-like, send them our way.  For example, maybe you have a nice picture of a fall walk, like Wiley's, below:

Or an adorable picture of a kitten kissing a pilgrim owl, like formerly Richard Parker now Finley.

Maybe you snapped a picture of your pet posing in front of a nice fall-themed background, like Aussie is posing in this picture:

If you have anything like this you'd like to share, email me at, or click the "Photo Share" link above.

I've been trying to get Wiley out quite a bit this fall, and as a result I've got some really nice Autumnal pictures.

I plan on sharing them over the next week or so, interspersed with yours I hope!

Now, if you're really feeling seasonal, maybe you have something like THIS to share!?!

HAHAHA. It was so difficult to get this to stay on his head, but I am determined to get more pictures like this over the next week. So you keep yours coming, and I'll keep mine coming. Deal?

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