Thursday, April 4, 2013

Holly's Happy House

How much cuteness do you think you can stand?  How about happiness?  Because you've already met Davey and Mini, but they have a sister I haven't shared yet. . . Gracie.  She's the schnoodle on the left up there.

When Davey and Mini first came to live with Holly, Holly's family had a beautiful and beloved cocker spaniel named Maui.

Maui, Davey, and Mini got along great and were adored by the whole family. Here they are pictured with Macy.

Unfortunately, poor Maui went to the Rainbow Bridge at the young age of 7, due to cancer. After they said goodbye to Maui they decided to hold off on getting another dog because Holly's husband had learned of a possible job relocation in Canada, and they didn't want to complicate things even further with another dog. Besides, they also had two cats, and Davey and Mini seemed to be getting along just swell.

If you're a regular reader of the blog, you know I believe some animals are destined to be part of our lives. God sends them along at just the right time and the next thing you know. . . they're family.  That's what happened with Gracie. 

Gracie found herself homeless after ten years of living with the same family. Her owner married someone who was allergic, and Gracie got passed around through the family until she wound up being surrendered to Holly's friend, who fostered dogs. Holly was watching Gracie for a bit when her friend went out of town and she noticed how well Gracie was getting along with the other pets.

She said Gracie had an "old soul" that reminded her very much of Maui. She had similar mannerisms and habits, such as howling if Holly left the house for a walk and didn't take her along.

Both pups have Canadian snow faces here!

 Although Holly continued to look for other homes for Gracie, nothing really panned out. When her friend came back to town she found herself putting off returning Gracie. One day her husband said "She's not going back is she?" and Gracie became a part of the family.

 Let's remember the family includes cats too!

Now, think back to the reason I mentioned earlier for Holly delaying getting a third dog when Maui passed away.  Remember the potential move to Canada?  Well that became a reality, and Holly had to tell their Canadian realtor that she needed a rental unit that would accept three dogs and two cats!  I bet that realtor loved Holly and her family. Anyway, in June of 2012 they packed up all five pets and moved to Canada.  Oh yeah, they decided to take along their daughter Macy too. haha

Now they're adjusting to those cold long Canadian winters.

Holly said the whole pack couldn't wait to sunbathe as the winter receded and the sun appeared!

Someday I hope to be able to do everything for rescue animals that Holly has done. Her family (human and furry) is beautiful and they all enrich each others' lives.    Holly writes a blog about her transition from Kansas to Canada, among other things. I encourage you to check it out. This post addresses the importance of rescuing instead of buying.

Many thanks to Holly for sharing her stories and pets with us. We hope to continue to get updates and we wish Holly and her family all the best!

Please consider sharing your rescue story, and don't forget all pets are eligible for the Great Outdoors Photo Share.

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