Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mr. Bojangles

Readers-this is Mr. Bojangles, or Bogey for short. Before we go any further let's stop and appreciate what a great name that is for a dog. Okay moving on, Bogey is a lab/boxer rescue dog from a shelter that's kind of in my neck of the woods, the Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA.  He was adopted in 2009 by Cameron's family.  Due to a fire in 2011 that destroyed RSMSPCA's dog kennels (no dogs were hurt), they currently only have cats as they work to rebuild.  

 Bogey has no sense of personal space whatsoever. In fact we had a picture of him earlier this year on the blog during our sleeping pets feature. You can see here and from the picture a few weeks ago that he refuses to come to terms with his size or let that stop him from expressing his love and affection. And speaking of love and affection, LOOK AT BOGEY AND WILLOW. Come on! How cute is that?

Bogey loves his people, Cameron in particular. Fortunately for America but unfortunately for Bogey, Cameron is in the Army National Guard. When Cameron went to training last summer, Bogey didn't even want to go on walks anymore. So when Cameron heads off to college and/or his National Guard training this summer, Bogey might be a little lost without him. Aww poor Bogey. He's so used to taking care of his human. He's even Cameron's co-pilot.

Bogey will have to fill his days with destroying his toys, which is one of his favorite things to do. He will also be keeping Cameron's bed nice and warm for him until whenever he comes home.

 Mr. Bojangles is the epitome of what we can get when we rescue a dog from a shelter. He is adorable, sweet, obedient, loving, and loyal. Whatever someone's reason for wanting a dog, Bogey pretty much fits the bill. Thank you Cameron for sharing his story, and also for your service to our country. The military is special to us on the Rescue Dog Blog. One of our first Feel-Good Friday stories was about rescue dogs partnering with Vets who suffer from PTSD.  Read about it here. God Bless Cameron, Bogey, and his family!

Readers-don't forget we are looking for pictures of your pets having fun outdoors!  All pets are welcomed for Photo Shares. We also like to run your rescue success stories, just like Cameron's and Bogey's above.  

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