Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Great Outdoors, Day One

So, the pictures have been coming in for our Photo Share: The Great Outdoors.  As I expected, many of them are snow pictures.  So many of our pets are just little (or big) snow bunnies. Here's an example of one of the pictures:

That ^ is Riley.  Don't worry- he loves the snow.  Isn't he gorgeous?

So far we have some great submissions, but we are still expecting more. And. . . I didn't even share the cutest Riley picture yet. I'm saving it for next Wednesday! haha

What I had in mind for today is something I've been holding on to for a few weeks now. I'm going to share the rest of Lilly and Leroy's first play-date!  I wanted to include these pictures in their original post, but I had so many good pictures indoors (thanks Luke) I decided to put these aside for this feature. 

  You remember Lilly right?

 And who could forget Leroy?

In these pictures we can definitely see the balance of power shift from Leroy:

He's getting ready to chase Lilly.
He's staring Lilly down.

Lilly is deciding whether to hold her ground.

Now they are having a stand-off.

And the power shifts to Lilly. . .

She stands up to him.

Leroy runs away in fear.  Ok he kind of just saunters away casually.

So, changing the subject a bit, it's time for the "boy is my face red" photo.  Weeks ago, Meredith shared this precious picture of her girl Nala sleeping on her dad Leroy's head. (Yes, her dad is named Leroy and the dog is named Leroy. It's a weird coincidence that I'm sharing them both on the same day.  Or is it?)

I forgot to include it with my sleeping pets photo shares. :-( How could I have forgotten this picture?  So sorry Meredith and Nala! 

Ok, get your pets to go outside. Take some awesome pictures. Get some Vitamin D.  Get those pictures to me ASAP.  Also, don't forget we always want you to share your rescue stories!

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