Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday's Grab-bag

Get ready to laugh.  A few months ago I shared a hilarious video of talking pets. It billed itself as "Pets Add Life Outtakes," and was filled with silly animals "saying" even sillier things. I watched it way too many times. The Youtube channel that shares these videos is called PetsAddLife. I'm assuming these talking animal videos are inspired by one of my favorite (and most popular) dog videos ever: "Ultimate Dog Tease." Click on the dog below to watch.

Anyway, there is a new video circulating like the one above and the one I shared before. This week I'm sharing "Dog Wants a Kitty." It might be my favorite yet. Click the picture and enjoy.

Here's your gratuitous Wiley picture for the day! I've shared pictures of him like this before. He just loves pushing his ball through the railing. It then bounces down the steps and he retrieves it. My smart and silly boy!

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