Thursday, April 25, 2013

Action Jackson

I am an Aussie Addict. I love Australian Shepherds. They are brilliant, hyper, stubborn, clever, and like many breeds, each has his own personality. Aussies come in multiple sizes and colors, but they have one driving need: to work. 

The breed name is something of a misnomer; they are not from Australia but rather were used to herd sheep that were loosely associated with Australia. Their build and coat was designed to help them weather cold western winters, like those found in Colorado.

  Jackson, the Aussie I'm sharing today, makes the most of his environment. In fact he's probably in heaven with the climate out there. 

I met Jackson through Instagram, so you can follow him there if you'd like.

He's not a rescue, but I wanted to share these amazing pictures anyway as part of the Great Outdoors Photo Share. Besides, Aussies frequently wind up in shelters because of their super high energy. 

People buy them because they're cute and smart, and then find out if Aussies don't have a job to do, they'll make one up. It might be chewing the couch cushions or digging holes in the yard. So I'm trying to emphasize to people to know their breed well, and pick based on behavioral traits and personality. Not looks.  Huh.   Just like we should go about picking our human companions!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of Jackson in Action (<--see what I did there?) I saved my favorite for last.

He's smiling! Jackson is so gorgeous, and his mom and dad take amazing pictures. I highly recommend following him on Instagram because the hits just keep on coming.

So, where are your outdoor pics?  Don't feel like you have to live up to the standard set here!  No one can. lol. We still want to share your pet and hear your rescue stories too. Email me at

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