Saturday, October 18, 2014

Not Quite Ready Yet

When I took Wiley on a nice long walk today I was partially motivated by the hopes of getting some good fall pictures, but on our regular trail there are still a lot of green trees. 

Now, make sure you hear me loud and clearly. . . I'm not complaining. Green trees are a beautiful thing. 

The elevation of the walking trail just isn't high enough and the nights haven't been quite cold enough to get most of the leaves turning.  Although this gigantic one Wiley is standing on below is obviously quite yellow.

In case you can't appreciate how huge it is, I put it on his head for comparison.

I hope there are no big storms that blow through and knock down all the leaves before I get the chance to enjoy them, which happens all too often in October.  

Check out Wiley posing like a champ on this huge boulder. I've never asked him to get on one before.

I'm sure many of you are taking your dog for walks in the fall weather. Get some pictures and share them with us!

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