Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tongue-Out Tuesday

Well, we're back from the vet and Wiley's annual wellness check-up.  It's a new vet for us; our previous guy left the practice to move out of the area. Dr. B is the Chief of Staff at our veterinary center and he seemed like a pretty likable and knowledgable guy, which is all I need in my vet.  He sat right down on the floor very casually and just waited for Wiley to get used to him. Anyway, the important thing is. . . he said he likes what he sees. Good skin, coat, good-sounding heart, clean ears, good teeth (although worn down from chewing his tennis balls!), good weight. Dr. B said he felt good about everything. Check out the look Wiley is giving me here while we wait for the doctor to come in. BOL.

He looks so despondent. 

Moving on, I didn't forgot about the daily Halloween picture. In fact, since it's Tuesday, I wanted a tongue-out Tuesday picture. So I cheated with some peanut butter; I felt he deserved a special treat after the vet's anyway.

Needless to say he was thoroughly enjoying it.

I tried to get Jenny to wear the headband but it was too big on her. This was the best I could do.

I know she's going to kill me in my sleep as these October pictures continue. lol.

Don't forget-you can share your fall pictures with me. Click here to see Day One of the Fall Photo Share and an explanation of how to share with me, and click here to see yesterday's picture and then work your way back through all of them.

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