Friday, August 23, 2013

Feel-Good Friday

Ok Readers-you have a job to do. Whatever it is you do to wish someone well, whether it's prayer, crossing fingers, lighting candles, saying "no whammies, no whammies, no whammies," rubbing your synthetic rabbit's foot (because we don't want to promote actual rabbits' feet here), looking for 4-leaf clovers, or picking up pennies, you need to do that for Fanny, Leroy, Luke, and Kim.  

I featured Fanny's story way back in March. I'm sharing the link here and you need to go back and read it. Fanny came home with Leroy, Luke, and Kim on Wednesday, and so far, so good. But you know how it is introducing a new adult dog to another family pet. It's tricky to navigate. Part of me literally wants to shoot confetti out of a cannon I'm so excited that: A ). Fanny may have found her furever home and B ). I will get to be around her all the time! 

But. I'm sometimes embarrassed to say it readers but I am a worrier. Neurotic. So I just want everything to go really well for a little while before I officially start talking about Fanny's furever home.  

Send all the positive vibes to this expanding family because no one deserves it more than Fanny. I hope to be able to share continued good news about this special dog. 

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