Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Photo Share, Puppy Dog Eyes, 2

Today we continue our Photo Share with Day 2 of the best Puppy Dog Eyes!  We have gotten some really awesome pictures, which doesn't surprise me one bit. We have awesome readers with awesome pets-why shouldn't their pictures be great?

First up is Buster Brown. And the good news is, we have Buster's whole story to share at some point in the future!

This is Mr. Wilson. His puppy dog eyes are perfect!

Do you remember Masen? We featured him a few months ago in this post. He is Wiley's long-lost-rescue-brother-from-another-mother. (Wiley wanted me to add that he thinks Masen is remarkably handsome.)

We also featured Kami on the blog, and here she is giving her best puppy dog eyes.

And finally for today, this is Bruno. Will. You. Look. At. Him!?!  I'm trying to convince Bruno's mom to share him as a feature, but she says his story isn't too exciting. We think all rescue stories are exciting, and we want an excuse to look at lots of Bruno pictures too!

Now before we sign off today I have a few things to remind you of. First of all, we have plenty more Puppy Dog Eyes pictures to share and we will keep posting them every Wednesday until every dog has its day. So share your submissions with me.  Click here for a variety of ways to get your pics to me.

Next, keep your rescue stories coming. We love them. We need more!

Finally, many of you follow the blog's Facebook page, which you can find by clicking here.  As some of you know, in an attempt to get more money Facebook now limits the number of people who see "Page" posts with a "special algorithm" based on the most popular posts and/or those people who pay to promote. It's very frustrating but alas, it's a free service so what can we do? 

Well, one thing we can do is INTERACT with the pages and people we like seeing updates from. The more you interact with any Facebook page, the more likely you will continue to see their posts. The algorithm used changes and adjusts frequently but the common thread is the same: if you interact with it, you will get more of it.

You need to go to the Rescue Dog Blog's Facebook page and like a lot of posts. You need to keep liking them in order to continue seeing them. This way you won't miss out, not only on our blog posts, but also on the silly and fun things I post in between, like this picture of Leroy which I posted last night.

Ok, that's enough shameless self-promotion.  As always, I leave you with the reminder to email me at or click on the link above to share pictures and stories with the blog. 

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