Sunday, August 11, 2013

Adopt Don't Shop

The Rescue Dog Blog has talked about Leroy a number of times, even though he is not a rescue dog. 

You can read about his origin here, but suffice it to say Leroy came from a very reputable breeder. 

 He is obviously photogenic, and I can't help sharing pictures of him here on the blog.  I find the one below especially funny, since he managed to squish himself onto his bed even when I refused to get off of it. 

I also love when he opens his mouth to play, because I think he looks like a Muppet, but that is neither here nor there.

 I love him, his dad Luke loves him, Luke's girlfriend Kim loves him, and everyone else who meets him loves him. Luke can't imagine his life without Leroy, and there's no way he loves Leroy any less than we all love our pets.  

However, Luke has taken a real interest in rescue pets over the past few years, and we here at the RDB are very proud of him for that. Last week Luke and Kim went to the Hillside SPCA to walk the dogs there.

 They are very brave for doing so because I know I would come home with more dogs than was advisable to say the least. And in fact Luke was moved in the same way. 

I hope he doesn't mind but I want to share the Facebook conversation we had later on that same day:


Kim has already rescued Petey, so she gets it. Now Luke really truly understands the treasures just waiting for their furever home. 

These dogs aren't broken, they aren't less than, they aren't second best, they aren't rejects. They're just dogs, with loving hearts and souls, who were literally designed for the purpose of being loyal and true. 

If you want a dog because you want a companion who will love you unconditionally, while simultaneously making your heart say "Awwwww," even if your brain won't let you say it out loud, adopt a dog. Every time you see it sleeping peacefully and blissfully know that you did that. 

You gave it that life. You gave it that chance. You're a special person, and you made the world a little better. Adopt, don't shop. 

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  1. I love this! I just adopted an ex-race greyhound last week. She is the love of my life. She is timid because of the way her she was treated during her fragile puppy years, but is gradually becoming the happiest pup ever. So, I agree with you completely. Adopt don't shop! Why encourage breeders when there are already so so many dogs out there that are in search of their humans! (Derby & my story:

    Thanks for this! Cute photos, too!

  2. How wonderful! I look forward to reading about it.