Friday, January 31, 2014

Feel-Good Feline Friday

So many cute things today. Of course, I have to start by sharing a video that has been making its rounds this week. LOTS of people have shared this with me, and I love that they saw it and thought of me.  It is very adorable, and this SCPA (Wake County in North Carolina) is HUGE! It's giving me lots of great ideas of how I want to set up my animal shelter/pet-friendly women's shelter one day when I win Powerball. ;-)  If you haven't seen it yet, treat yourself.  Click on the pic below. The only thing I love more than cute videos of animals is cute videos of animals with lip-synched ABBA music.

And speaking of cute videos, this one has also been shared quite a bit this week. I love it. It is exactly what I imagine Jenny would do were she in this situation. This cat is not taking any of this mailman's crap, and that's for sure. Click below.

And speaking of cute cats, (my segues have been on point today) my sister-in-law Suzy dropped some hints a few weeks ago that maybe I should consider making a Feline Friday post.  

What do you think?  Of course, I would still share Feel-Good stories too. But we would also be able to share your cats. I'm thinking people could just pick a few (or even one of ) their favorite pictures, share a sentence or two if they feel like it, and that's it. 

I'd like to keep it simple, not because I don't love cats as much as dogs, but because it's the Rescue Dog Blog. I love it, you like it, and it's working. So I'm not looking to overhaul it. We still need our rescue doggie fix. 

These are Jenny's thoughts on the subject.

BOL! Or should I say MOL (Meow out loud)! Email me whatever animal-related thing you feel like sharing: rescue stories, pictures of cats, funny videos. It's all good. I'll find a way to use it.

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