Friday, January 3, 2014

Feel-Good Friday

One of my favorite parts of the end of the year are the lists/marathons/recaps/best of. . . that accompany it. Over on Buzzfeed they have some incredibly cute animal posts that I'm passing along to you for Feel-Good Friday. 

First up is "22 Boops That Changed the World in 2013."  If you don't know what a boop is, it is this:

There are plenty more images of little things "booping" big things and vice versa, and some of them are GIFs, which is an animated or moving picture. I can't even do them justice here. You can just click here and give yourself at least 60 seconds of non-stop "awwwww"-ing.

So now you know what a "boop" is, how about a scoot? These are some of the best scoots of 2013. My absolute favorite is the one they have as Number 1. I have watched them over and over.

Finally, Buzzfeed weighed in on "The 65 Cutest Things That Happened on Instagram in 2013." There were species of all kinds, but of course I leaned heavily towards the big fluffy dogs.

And the dog/kitten combination, which was hard to dispute.

However,  I can't help but think that Buzzfeed is definitely missing out big time without Wiley on that list. Just look at one of the latest pictures I posted!

He had destroyed one of his balls, and despite the fact that Santa brought him plenty more, he just wanted to play with that sad little half-ball. Look at the side-eye he's giving me in the bottom picture because I won't throw it for him! Now THAT'S a cute dog, with extra personality to boot. If you don't follow @rescuedogblog on Instagram, you need to. If you have a smart phone but don't have Instagram, you should get it! It's such a fun diversion. Who among us couldn't use a few minutes of downtime looking at cute dog pictures? Heck-it's what you're doing here in the first place. 

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