Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Be sexy!

Happy New Year Readers!  I tried to get both Wiley and Jenny in on the fun this year. Wiley was a good sport, of course, even during this wardrobe malfunction. 

I tried to get him to take some selfies with me. This is the best I could do. 

I do really like the outtake below, though, because of the look on his face. It's that look that says "Mommmm. I love you. I really do. But WHAT are we doing?  I hear camera sounds and beeping sounds and I don't know where to look and I don't know what you want and CAN I PLEASE HAVE A CARROT NOW?"

After we were done with these I introduced Jenny to the party hat.  Her first response, of course, was to investigate it.

"Can I eat it? Can I fight it?"

"It bores me. Give me treats now."

I finally got her to sit still for a moment. 

It's so hard because she is constantly begging for food in the kitchen and so she is purring and meowing and rubbing around everything.

There is no shame in her game.

Wiley was getting pretty jealous that Jenny was getting so much camera time.

He decided the best way to put an end to that was to steal the prop.

It's hard to argue with that expression.  I put the camera down and went back to enjoying the quiet evening at home with the family.

How different does your life look now than it did a year ago at this time?  Obviously we don't need a specific New Year's date to reflect on how much our lives have or have not changed over the course of a year, but given how difficult self-reflection can be, it's probably best if we take advantage of whatever opportunities are readily available.  As always, my life looks considerably different now than it did last year at this time. Our household has grown by one member, Jenny. 

We have never had any intentions of getting a cat, so there's no way I could have predicted that.  My relationships have changed with some former students who are now less like casual acquaintances, or even friends, but more like family to me.  Then there are other areas of my life that are way too status quo; things I had wished would change have not, or have only gotten worse. Will 2014 be the year I stop wishing and start doing more? I don't know but that is my prayer for myself and I'd appreciate any kind thoughts and prayers sent in my direction too.

For my readers, I pray for a happy healthy year, with plenty of downtime to hug, snuggle, walk, play with, or just plain spoil your furbabies. I pray that everyone who is even considering adding a new pet to their household will search all the available ways to rescue and do the humane thing for our pet population. 

I can't believe I'm saying this, but one of the most significant statements I heard this year came from Ashton Kutcher, and I'm going to end today's post with it. I am not a huge fan of Mr. Kutcher, nor do I dislike him in any way. I haven't seen  any of his movies, have watched a bit of "That 70s Show," and have never seen him on "Two and A Half Men."  But when he said these words to a hall full of teenagers, and out into the world, I gained a tremendous amount of respect for him.

Happy New Year Readers! Be smart, thoughtful, generous, and sexy! And share your stories with the blog. Email me at

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