Friday, January 10, 2014

Feel-Good Friday: A Dog's-Eye View

Between the post-Holiday blues, the pressures of change for the New Year, and the weather these days,  I've been feeling rather stressed. There's never enough time to get everything done that needs to be done while fitting in friends, family, and especially our fur kids. And when we're stressed, our pets feel it too.

Lucky for us, they also have remarkable ways of calming us down and comforting us.

Wiley takes this job rather seriously. He will get as close as he possibly can if he thinks I need to slow down. 

He and Jenny will also work in tandem when we need a break.

The key, I believe, is not just to let them comfort us, but also to learn to think like them.

We have to prioritize our concerns. 

We have to make time to do our favorite things. For example, while I was trying to deal with this messy pile of Christmas presents and decorations, Wiley had only one priority. Everything else could wait, he thought.

And you know what? I caved. How could I not?  I'd rather get half the pile cleaned up and then make my dog happy than save playing with him for another day that may never come. 

He would do the same for me. 

Ok, change of subject. . . . . .

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