Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday's Grab-bag: A Clear Conscience

A while back I entered Wiley in a Facebook Holiday Photo Contest through Clear Conscience Pets. I don't think I shared it on the blog? I know I shared it via the blog's Facebook page and Instagram Account. This is a screenshot:

Anyway-he won! 

 I decided to save the treats until after Christmas, since he got so many goodies from Santa and friends. That also gave me time to look into Clear Conscience Pets, and I felt really good about what I saw.

Now, I want to tell you that I did not pay for these treats; as I said, Wiley won them. 

However, Clear Conscience has no idea what I'm going to write here and no impact whatsoever on what I say. I am receiving no compensation to say good things about them and their products. 

I first found out about this company because I follow Gander: Service Dog on Facebook. I wrote about Gander here on the blog; if you don't know about him please read this uplifting and courageous story.  Gander's partner recommended this company (again, without receiving any compensation) and I decided to check them out.  Not only are their products very safe and healthy for your pets, but they also pay attention to their sourcing, leaving as little environmental impact as possible.

Hubs and I make a conscious (<----coincidental but thoughtful pun) effort to feed Wiley with high-quality products, especially since he had a tumor last year. I actually make his own food, which allows me to control the ingredients and save money. 

So I want my readers to understand that I would not be endorsing a product I had any reservations about, especially given Wiley's high-strung-ed-ness and other special needs.  Of course, the biggest question now is what did Wiley think?

When I opened the package he got very excited, and once he tasted one it was all she wrote. 

He wanted more and more, begging and drooling. 

Look at the gathered saliva! Come on. . . don't you want to see my dog's spit!?!

I know this picture is blurry but the wild look in his eyes tells you all you need to know about his feelings on the Sliders. 

Those of us who rescue do so because we have a heart for animals and want to see them treated well. 

If for you that translates into a special diet for them then you need to check out Clear Conscience Pets. This is a link to their Facebook page.  You can also vote for them as the Dog Treat of the Year over at The Dogington Post  by clicking the picture below.

Thank you to those of you who voted for Wiley in his contest, and thanks to Clear Conscience Pets for sponsoring the contest and delivering the treats! Wiley thanks you too.

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  1. Hi Mara and Wiley, You just made our day. What a sweet story about rescuing Wiley, he is quite handsome and deserving of his win in our holiday photo contest. And your very gracious review of our Sliders line of Tender meaty treats and accompanying photos of Wiley made us all smile- he's VERY expressive! Also, it is exceptionally kind of you to refer customers to the Dogington Post Pet Treat of the Year Award. Reviews like yours and recognition from awards are some of the best avenues to cut through the vast clutter of commercial pet treat products out there, most made by mega-corporations with cheap ingredients for maximum profits instead of with the very best ingredients and the health of pets as the utmost considerations. So besides saying "thanks!" we want your readers to know that, on our website," the emphasis is on EDUCATION and since I write and speak frequently on pet nutrition there are a lot of resources shared such as articles and radio and TV interviews. The writings and interviews are NOT "ads" for Clear Conscience Pet. My belief is that, if we stand for what is RIGHT, the business will follow. Right now, we have some really good deals to make it easier for new customers to try the products and current customers to reorder, and those are featured on our home page. We'd be honored to have you and your readers join our family of Clear Conscience Pet animal guardians on Facebook and other Social Media. Facebook is
    Stay warm and safe!
    Tony, Founder and Chief Nutrition Officer